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About Us

Welcome To The World of Signature 



Signature Cosmetics & Fragrances is a Proudly South African beauty brand. Our brand is about giving people the power to express who they want to be no matter who they are, or where they are from. Beauty is not about how much you spend, but how confident you feel.


We aim to provide our customers with quality products at unbelievably affordable prices, thus making all categories of high-quality beauty accessible to all. We source products and raw materials from the best global manufacturers and are passionate about local manufacturing too. 50% of our products are manufactured in South Africa. Our primary products include colour cosmetics, fragrances, bath & body, skincare and beauty accessories

Our Journey

From 50 stores to over 175+ Stores



Signature has a rich history in the beauty industry with the brand being around for over 23 years. In 2010 we had just over 50 stores and since then our brand has grown rapidly with over 175 stores within South Africa’s borders and beyond, namely in Botswana & Namibia.


In early 2010, Signature Cosmetics entered a new era. It was acquired by a consortium of shareholders whose collective vision was to take Signature to new heights by enhancing the brand and expanding Signature throughout Africa.

Our Values

Leave your own imprint on this world


At Signature, we believe our customers don’t have to pay a fortune to look and feel great. We want every product to serve a purpose and our products are made with your needs at heart, allowing you to leave your unique imprint on this world!


Whether you are sophisticated or carefree – a student or professional – we have the products to suit every lifestyle.

Our Vision


High-quality beauty for all


We aim to reach all corners of the African continent, servicing the need for high-quality beauty products that offer the best value to our customers.


We aim to do this as a proudly African brand and become Africa’s premier lifestyle & beauty brand! We are excited to be building a proud community of beauty enthusiasts across the continent working together to bring our vision to life.