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Pikachu Pixie

~@firdous_m Product Review:

Miss Signature Creme Chubby Sticks

I recently received some amazing goodies from Signature Cosmetics and have included a review on 2 of these products below. Signature Cosmetics is a retailer of cosmetics and toiletry products with a chain of 120 stores throughout South Africa! Understandably, I was super excited to try these products.

Creme Chubby Stick for lips- I was super excited to try this product as I am not generally an avid user of lip crayons/chubby sticks but I was pleasantly surprised with this product! It builds on the colour and creates a great, bright look that sits smoothly on the lips. The formula is quite creamy as well. Pictured above, I wore the bright fuchsia colour.

Final Rating- I would give this product a rating of 9/10. I absolutely love the colours and formula but the only small issue I had was having the rotation of the Chubby Stick break as I twisted it. The lipstick loosened on the rod and can tend to make a mess when rotating it outwards. This tends to happen with many different lipsticks that aren’t liquid though so it didn’t discourage me at all. These chubby sticks are really great!

Pikachu Pixie

~@firdous_m Product Review:

Signature Instant Manicure nAILS

Gel-like stick on nails- Firstly, I am sure you all know how much I adore having pretty nails but unfortunately I seem to be stuck with a habit since childhood of biting my nails. I really love stick on nails because they’re so easy to apply and they look super natural and great, especially when my bad habit takes a toll on my nails.

The packaging of these nails was great and easy to open. It also included a step-by-step guide behind it with application instructions. Inside the packaging, it included a nail file and buff, a cuticle lifter and a nail-cleansing wipe for prep before application. This was all super great and easy to use, making the whole process of applying the nails much simpler!

Final Rating- I adore the colours and styles of these nails with classic colours available as well as glittery gorgeous nails in each pack to mix and match as well. I would give a rating of 8/10 for these nails, reason being because some of the nails would loosen after a day or two when exposed to water, which is of course understandable but not something that would occur with a long-term fake nail. It did last longer than most stick-on nails though and I was pretty happy with it.

thank you Firdous Mahomed