Signature Fixing Spray & Facial Wipes

I remember having to use hairspray to set my makeup before a night out on the town but those
days are gone!

miss diamond

First Impressions:
“The new Signature “Fix Perfect” Fixing Spray is much better than the hairspray I used to use. It smells amazing and it feels refreshing when you spray it onto your face. It dries very quickly and it does not feel sticky throughout the day. My makeup usually lasts quite long due to my dry skin type, but by the end of the day most of the time, my foundation has rubbed off because of how much I tend to touch my face during the day. 

The Signature Facial Cleansing Wipes also worked so well to get all that makeup off quickly and easily. They are mildly scented which is great for my sensitive skin and they felt very moisturising on my skin. These are great for a quick clean up before bed, because let’s face it, we all get too lazy to wash our face sometimes, especially after a long night, but having these handy is very convenient.”

Lasts all day, removed with one single wipe!Miss Diamond

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Overall Impressions:

“I was really impressed with these two products. The Fixing Spray really did help my makeup remain flawless throughout the day. I still looked fresh after 10 hours and my eye makeup was still intact. It even helped my lipstick to stay on a bit more than usual. Normally, that’s the first thing to disappear. I will definitely be using this for my next event.

The Facial Cleansing wipes are so gentle and moisturising, I found them to be perfect for my skin. These are made for all skin types and the mild scent makes it suitable for dry/sensitive skin, as well. I have to have these for my “lazy days”, because there is no better feeling than going to bed with a fresh and clean face. These are very nice to use in the morning as a refresher before applying makeup, and fixing spray.”