Instant Manicure with Nail Jewels – Tutorial

How to use the new Signature Instant Manicure nail sets and the Miss signature diamanté Nail Jewels!

I’m just a “Stick and Go” type of girl!
Pikachu Pixie

~MISS DIAMOND* Product Review:
“I am most definitely a “nail girl” and i love experimenting with nail products, so when I saw these Signature Instant Manicure Gel-like Stick On Nails I was super excited to try them! There are 5 different sets, a natural tips look and two different pink looks, a cool and trendy grey set and a bold red. The special effects nails are great for a little bling and there are enough to add two glitter nails on each hand. And if that’s not enough bling then the Miss Signature Diamante Nail Jewels are the perfect addition as you can add as many stones as you like and really get creative with it.”

Get it now for only R130 a set and the Nail jewels for only R40! Now in Stores nationwide.

No chipping
No drying time
Long lasting
Colour doesn't fade
Gel-like look
Affordable price
Quick to apply

Tips for best use:
To get the nails to last as long as possible follow these steps:
- Choose a size based on the exact size of your nail (pressed down), if they are too big and it overlaps onto your fingers they will peel off sooner.
- When applying the nail, press down as hard as possible, for as long as possible. Keep pressing them down for 15 minutes after application for best use.

it's time INSTANT NAILS...