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MySignature Loyalty Terms and Conditions – South Africa Only


1. In order for you to activate and redeem the MySignature Loyalty Program Deals, you have to be a member of the MySignature Loyalty Program.


2. The MySignature Loyalty Rewards Program is currently only available to be activated and redeemed in the Republic of South Africa.


3. The MySignature Loyalty Rewards consists of MySignature Loyalty Rewards Cash Backs. The redemption and use of the MySignature Loyalty Rewards Cash Backs are subject to the terms and conditions of the MySignature Loyalty Program.


4. The MySignature Loyalty Program can only be activated at Signature Cosmetics & Fragrances retail stores in South Africa by Signature staff using your NAME, SURNAME, CELL NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS and DOB (Date of Birth).


5. The above details are regarded as “personal information”. By providing Signature Cosmetics with the above-mentioned personal information, you hereby give consent to Signature Cosmetics processing your personal information.


6. We will:

  1. Store such personal information in an appropriate media format, including an electronic database regardless of where in the world it is hosted, for as long as we consider it necessary for the purpose of the collection and processing of this information.
  2. Use the personal information for communication or marketing purposes, including providing you with direct electronic marketing.
  3. Use the personal information in the course of providing you with products and services, including for research and market analysis, credit control and courier services.
  4. Only share your personal data within the Signature Cosmetics and Fragrances Group of entities, provided that such entity has the necessary protection measures in place in terms of processing personal data in terms of the applicable legislation.
  5. Retain your data for audit and research purposes and will anonymise or destroy your information when it is no longer required for any of the purposes required in these terms and conditions.


7. Any purchase(s) that result in cash back rewards, will automatically be loaded on your MySignature Loyalty profile upon successful completion of payment.


8. The MySignature Loyalty Rewards only applies to the product(s) indicated in that offer and is valid for the period stipulated in the offer, subject to stock availability.


9. Redemption of MySignature Loyalty Reward is only available in-store.


10. MySignature Loyalty Rewards cannot be earned or redeemed without the physical MySignature Loyalty Card being presented when purchasing in-store.


11. MySignature Loyalty Rewards Program cannot be exchanged for cash.


12. MySignature Loyalty Rewards Program cash backs are not transferable.


13. In the event of a new card being requested due to loss or damage, the existing card will be deactivated, and the cash backs transferred to the new card. A penalty may be enforced after a certain number of cards have been issued to the same customer profile.


14. Multiple Loyalty cards may not be linked to the same MySignature Loyalty Rewards profile.


15. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their MySignature Loyalty card is scanned at various payment points to earn/redeem cash backs and this will result in your till slip/invoice displaying the accurate cash backs earned or redemptions for that transaction.


16. If a partial cash payment and Loyalty payment is made on a purchase, cash backs will be earned on the cash payment and not the Loyalty redemption. Cash backs will not be earned on the value redeemed. If the entire transaction is paid with loyalty cash backs NO cash backs will be earned for that transaction.


If you have any questions regarding these Loyalty Terms and Conditions, please email us on