Signature Magic Makeup Gel – Tutorial

There is so much you can do with the new SIGNATure magic makeup gel…

miss diamond

First Impressions:
“I have had so much fun with this product! Makeup is a fun thing to experiment with, and this gel lets you turn any power into a liquid. Yes ladies – that means face powder to liquid foundation, eyeshadow to lipstick, powder eyeshadow to liquid shadow for a more vibrant and long-lasting look, blusher to lipstick, eyeshadow to liquid liner or even eyebrow filler – the options are endless! One of the best things about the Magic Makeup Gel, is that it makes everything matte and super long-lasting. This helps with products that you want to make last longer like eyeshadow, lipstick and foundation.”

“You can even use the gel to revive your mascara after it goes dry. It can now last you even longer with this amazing gel. Have you ever run out of foundation and only had powder left? Well now you will be taken care of if you have the gel. Imagine running out of lipstick or wondering how awesome your eyeshadow would look as a lipstick – well now we can do all of these fun things.”

This is a real game-changer – so many possibilities!
Miss Diamond

1: Face Powder to Liquid Foundation

Mix one drop of the Gel to a small amount of powder with a makeup brush.
Apply as normal foundation, the colour will be slightly darker than the powder you used.

2: Eyeshadow to Lipstick

Combine one drop of the Gel to a small amount of powder with a makeup brush.
Mix into a small container & use a small lip brush to apply to lips.
Apply as normal lipstick, the colour will be matte and long-lasting.

3. Blusher to lipstick

Combine one drop of the Gel to a small amount of blusher with a makeup brush.
Use a small lip brush to apply to lips as listick, the colour will be long-lasting & matte.


Insert one drop of the Gel into the tube of mascara.
You can now use the mascara for about another week before it will run out.