Mbali Cherry Graham – INKED Lip Stains & 3Dlicious Lipgloss

@cherrified_ Reviews our INKED Lips Stains

Pikachu Pixie

~@cherrified_ Product Review:

Signature INKED Lip Stains

"Cherrified loves the "Whipped Cherry Shake" duhhh. Thanks to Mbali Cherry 🍒 Graham for this fantastic Review.

Pikachu Pixie

~@cherrified_ Product Review:

Miss Signature 3DLicious Holohraphic Lipgloss


So I was recently gifted with these amazing holographic lipglosses by @signaturecosmeticssa and I instantly fell in love!

If you’re a fan of color and ‘out the box’ make up looks then these are for you! I found that I could wear them over a different shade of lipstick and add the gloss as a top coat to create a 3D effect ✨ and if chrome is your thing and you want a lip to match your chrome nails then this would be your go-to! 👌🏾

I love how thick and long lasting the product is. The bonus is that you could never be boring because they come in 8 really cool colors 😍 These delicious lippies will be available in store pretty soon and they get a big fat YES from me so I’d recommend that you follow them.

thank you MBALI GRAHAM