Miss Signature GLITTER UP! Face and Body Glitter

How to apply the new Miss Signature Glitter to get the perfect look!

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~Bubbles<3* Product Review:
“It’s finally here! I am absolutely psyched about the newest Miss Signature Glitter Up! products. After trying all 6 colours and mixing up some of them together, I found that my favourite had to be the Gunmetal. For me, what sealed the deal, was that it lasted the whole day and even through the night! This left me amazed when I saw that they only cost R48 each and the Primer is only R35.
The colours are versatile as you can use them alone or mix it up. The quality is superb and best of all, the price is fantastic! Get down to your closest Signature Cosmetics & Fragrances store to purchase your own set of Glitters & Primer.”

The latest Miss Signature Face & Body Glitter. Glitter Up! Now in Stores nationwide.

Your look is not complete until you glitter up!Taskeen Ismail


Step 1:

Start by applying the GLITTER PRIMER to the areas you want the Glitter to stick.

Step 2:

Apply glitter using a brush and dab it onto the primed areas.

Available in colors to choose from

#1 – GOLD




#5 – RED


Favorite Look – #6 GUNMETAL