Signature Brush Cleaner Spray & Brush Scrubber

miss diamond

These two products work hand-in-hand for a perfect set of clean makeup brushes… without having to use water!

First Impressions:
Having clean brushes when doing your makeup is so important. If you use dirty brushes that have not been cleaned well before use, bacteria from the brush will block your pores which will result in acne, blackheads and oily skin.

These two products, Signature Brush Cleaner Spray and Signature Brush Scrubber, work so well together. My makeup brushes were so dirty and I was able to clean them quickly and thoroughly.

The products are so handy for home users and makeup artists… especially for hygienic purposes. Quick wash and wipe your brushes before use.

Clean your brushes with no water!

Steps to Follow:
1. Spray your dirty brushes, directly onto the bristles.
2. Use a brush scrubber and scrub twice up and down over the whole scrubbing surface.
3. Use a paper towel to dry the brush, moving back and forth until the brush is clean.

You can also use the Brush Cleaner Spray first, and then wash your brush under a running tap… using the Silicone Brush Scrubber.”

Overall Impressions:
“My brushes looked and smelled so good after cleaning them this way. The liquid foundation came off the foundation brush effortlessly. Definitely a must-have in every girl’s makeup kit!”

Clean Brushes = Better Makeup!Miss Diamond

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