Signature Gel Liner & Definer – Review

gel liner

Define and revitalise your brows and create a perfect winged eyeliner look with this 2-in-1 product

miss diamond

First Impressions:
“This is such a versatile product and I love how I can do my eyebrows and eyeliner all at once using this handy little palette. The two brushes that you get work very well defining your eyebrows and eyelids. The smaller brush is used to create the thin winged liner look and the bigger brush was used for my eyebrows.”

Overall Impressions: “The gel went on effortlessly and the color is very pigmented. I am a fan of bold eyes so I enjoyed how dark and sultry my brows looked. The winged liner was surprisingly easy to pull of with minimal errors using the small brush! Very impressed with this one!”

Eyebrows and Eyeliner in one! Can’t think of anything better…Pikachuu

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