New – Signature Instant Matte

The New Signature Instant Matte.

A Lip Mattifier gel that turns any glossy or sheer lipstick into a long-lasting matte finish.

“The Instant Matte works wonderfully with your favourite lipstick, one minute its glossy or sheer and the next it is matte! The gel really softens the texture of the lipstick to a more silky, supple texture and after about a minute of applying the Instant Matte Gel, it dries into a long-lasting matte lip colour. I really enjoyed experimenting with this product, and it definitely adds a bit of magic to my daily makeup routine.

The colour of the lipstick also stays quite vibrant after applying the gel, and the best way to apply it to your lips is to use your finger and lightly swipe the gel over the lipstick. If you are struggling to find your favourite shade of lip colour in a matte colour then this product will be very useful to help switch up your look for a night out or even a subtle day look. Get yours in Signature stores today and get ready to slay!”


Thando’s Sensuous Lipstick Shade