Signature Valentine’s Day 2020 Tips – Do’s and Don’ts

Happy Valentine's Day

“Siganture Tips for this year’s Valentine’s Day…

Do's and Don'ts for some real romance. Ladies & Gents listen closely...."

Ahhhhh, the MONTH OF LOVE….. 😉


  1. DO find a creative way to say "I love you."

  2. DO plan a date that's outside the box.

  3. DO embrace the day with your best girlfriends and guy friends.

  4. DO suggest an alternative to roses.


  1. DON'T get hung up on the date.

  2. DON'T wear heart attire.

  3. DON'T break up with your boyfriend/ girlfriend today.

  4. DON'T expect everyone to love Valentine's Day as much as you do.