Studio Effect Eyeshadows

The new Miss signature STUDIO EFFECT EYESHADOWS.

Experience a dramatic dazzling Diva look with Miss Signature’s brand new Studio Effect Metallic Eyeshadow. This latest range of eyeshadow is guaranteed to blow away all eye make-up fanatics.

If you can relate to being that person who parties hard , pulls long nights , loves going out , goes from day to night events and basically expects the perfect make-up through it all then this is the perfect eyeshadow to complement your perfect look.

miss diamond


“I had the most amazing experience with these stunning new Studio Effect Eyeshadow. These lovely eyeshadows are glitter, sparkle and fabulous all in one tub!!!

My personal favorite of the lot has to be the Gold Rush, simply because its sophisticated , stunning and chic which is perfect for day and even night. I’m absolutely blown away that it lasts the whole day , all thanks to misting the brush before patting the pigment onto my eyelids. I would definitely suggest this product as it creates the dramatic dazzling Diva look that we all love.”

Metallic Eyeshadow in make-up is , almost like the engine to any car or the frosting on any cake.Taskeen Ismail


How to apply the product:

Step 1: Mist your brush.
Step 2: Gently run your brush back and forth on the eyeshadow.
Step 3: Apply it by patting it on your eyelid to avoid it from falling on your face.
Step 4: Apply until you are happy with the density of pigment.

Tips to get the best look:

– Mist your eyeshadow brush
– Make sure you are using a eyeshadow shading brush.
– Pat the eyeshadow onto your lids.
– Applying the Miss Signature Eyeshadow Primer prior to applying eyeshadow.

Different Colours Available

Silver Sand

Eternal Black

Iced Latte

Bronze Taupe

Gold Rush

Silver Sand:
Glamours and bling!
Eternal Black:
Rockstar and Party addict!
Iced Latte:
Subtle and chic!
Bronze Taupe:
Stunning and wow!
Gold Rush:
Beautiful and versatile!

Suggested Day Colors:
-Iced Latte
-Gold Rush

Suggested Night Colors:
-Eternal Black
-Bronze Taupe
-Silver Sand

Gold Rush & Bronze Taupe